Europe Market Research is a subsidiary company of Global Market Monitor, committed to providing consulting service as well as syndicated and customized research reports to enterprises across Europe and the globe. Adhere to the concept of customer orientation, we continually strive to provide our customers with unprecedented market insights and help them grow their businesses. Up to now, we have built a sound customer based and gained a good reputation with about 11,000 clients in over 102 countries and regions. Our mission is to provide key insights and optimal quality market research reports to our clients.

Through years of tireless efforts, we have generated proprietary scientific research methods and accumulated a wide range of data sources. Our market research analysts are experts from various industries with profound industry knowledge and years of work experience. As an information service company, we strive for perfection in all our work, providing you with accurate data, professional analysis, and high-quality reports to help you develop actionable strategy.

The reports on our website are regularly updated so that our clients can grasp the latest information in their industries which helps them to make calculated moves for gaining a competitive advantage. Our specialized research analysts from different areas help enterprises make informed decisions by offering them relevant and fact-based research.